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“RENT PARTY” AT CLUB CAFÉ Featuring John O’Neil at piano   2005


“The Sparrow And The King” by Frederic Weinstein (a staged reading)  2005


Mill City Minutes  (short works festival)  2005


“The Big Apple”  a new play by Jack Neary  2006


“Guy Stuff: Plays For Guys Who Hate Being Dragged To Plays”  2006


“Triple Play: The Musical “ by Jerry Bisantz, Stephen Gilbane,  2006


Mill City Minutes  2007


“The Restaurant Readings”  2007


The “Keep Your Kids At Home” Naughty Readings  2007 (ongoing yearly)


“Distant Music” a new play by James McLindon  2007


“Kerouac’s Last Call” by Patrick Fenton  2008


“Tales From A Tavern”  original short plays  2008


“Café Noir: The Cabaret Experience”  2008


“Impasto” a  staged reading at The Whistler House Museum  by Regina Ramsey 2009


“The Straight Line” a new Western by Jerry Bisantz  2009


“Love At The Whistler House” a cabaret, 2009


“Femnoire: The Women’s Playwriting Festival”  2010  (ongoing)


Gay Country Christmas featuring Rene Phfister  (musical review) 2010


“City Stories”  2010 (ongoing)


“Strange Snow” by Stephen Metcalf  2011


“Naughty Readings”  (ongoing)


Films: “Memories For Sale”  2012  (

            "Fred and Emile"  2015


“3 For 3: A Mixed Media Mash-Up”  2013


“Closer To You: A Carpenter’s Tribute”  featuring Judy Pancoast”  2013


“Mill City Shorts Film Festival”   2014


*Boston Theatre Marathon:  produced new short works every year since 2005


Film Night, An evening of original short films 2015




















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