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Our Supporters and Sponsors


We have a wonderful group of angels and patrons who help us solve the puzzle of paying for rental and performance spaces, royalties, equipment, licenses, advertising, and other costs. If you would like to join them, HOW TO DONATE



$1000 and over



Bob and Jackie Stachel





$500 to 999



Suzanne Weinstein                              

Lissi Engvall

Ann Garvin

Jerry Bisantz 

Eileen Bisantz 

James Miner

Jeff Kronson

Michael Rainey 

Barbara Raymond & Fred  Greenman

$50 to 499



Henry & Deborah Schwartzberg         Kenneth Hirschkind

Beverly Creasey                                  

Joe DeGuglielmo

Garth & Elizabeth Rose                                    

John & Alyona Carozza      

The Garvin Family

$50 and under



Ron Ritchell & Polly Hogan               

Cheryl Singleton

Jane Eyler & Michael Moriarty                       

Brian & Sheila Rehrig               

Regina Eliot Ramsey                          

Betsy Soule

Chris King                                           

Patrick Brennan

Annita Brockney                                

Jennifer Condon

Mark S. Miller                                     

Joanne Powers

Chip Piatti                                          

Erik Sherman

Michael & Patricia Lapomardo           

Sean McGirk               

Susan Leonard                                     

Ed and Ann Biggins

Dawn Tucker                                      

Paul Horn & Susan Caron

George Citron                                     

Donna Sorbello

Eileen Bisantz                                     

Bruno & Rita Alterescu

Jen Shotkin & Robert Mattson            

Steve Gilbane  

Kelly DuMar & Frank Dun                  

Phil & Edna Thompson          

Lau Lapides                                         

George Masselam

Stephen Price                                      

Paul Huberdeau

Ron Dion                                            

Justin Budinoff

Ronald & Elizabeth Campbell              

Mary and Mark Warhol

Linda Sughrue                                      

Michael Wartofsky

Donna & Anthony Albano                  

Geralyn Horton

Lisa Evans                                          

George Sauer

Curt Strickland                                    

Kim Schaffer

Tyler Hart                                          

Kathy Keefe

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