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Thanks to everyone who attended.  Sold out both nights!


What Violence Begets  Directed by Michelle Barbera

Cat Scratch  Directed by Christian DeRezendes 

Family Meeting  Directed by Greg Joyce

Beached     Directed by  Bob Rutan 

The Incumbent   Directed by Rob Omordha



Sneak Peek

Lost Cell Phone Weekend


Dr. Ornery  Directed by Greg Joyce

Crystal James, Action Star  Directed by Teagan Rose

Ten Dollars   Directed by Robert Rutan

Doctor's Orders   Directed by Aaron Newman

Doppleganger    Directed by Sasha Goldberg         Fat Cops   Directed by Robert Woo


It Might Be Me    Directed by Christian De Rezendes

One Man’s Trash   Directed by Ted LaVash.  

Temporary Spy    Directed by Sasha Shawky

Skweezy Moosh    Directed by Roya Hamadani

The Incumbent  Directed by  Rob Ormordha



Sneak Peek

Lost Cell Phone Weekend


How Was Your Summer  Directed by Michael Dailey

Baggage    Directed by Jerry Bisantz

Lady and the Frog Directed by   Ted LaVash

Crime Zombies  Directed by  Michael Legge

Aiming At The News  Directed by  Roya Hamadani

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