Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)

The Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (CASE) is the official arts and events agency for the City of Lowell, MA. Established by City ordinance in May 2008, CASE's mission is to help create a high quality cultural environment that offers appealing experiences to the city’s diverse population, stimulate economic development in the City, and encourage people to participate in the culture of the community. As both a service and presenting organization, CASE accomplishes this mission by stimulating public awareness of and support for the arts, preserving and celebrating the City's diverse cultural and historical heritage, planning yearly community events and supporting local festivals.

The Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) is the 501(3)(c) tax-exempt corporation affiliated with the Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events. The twenty-two member COOL Board is comprised of trustees appointed by the City Manager and responsible for the fiduciary activity and adherence to the by-laws of COOL.

Musical Improv Company

Boston's only troupe specializing in creating completely improvised, full-length musicals. Each of their shows begins by taking a few inputs from the audience that provide the seed for that night's new show. The troupe then spins out a full-length, two-act musical right before your very eyes. All the dialogue, choreograpy, lyrics and melodies - are made up on the spot by the cast. Recent titles have included, Sopranos!, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!, All About Eve! and The 'Psyco' Holiday Musical!.

NOMTI - New Opera & Musical Theatre Initiative

The New Opera and Musical Theater Initiative (NOMTI) nurtures and supports New England writers and composers of musical theater and opera in the creation of new works. We also strive to strengthen audience interest in new musicals and operas by presenting works in progress.

Playwrights Platform

Playwrights' Platform is a diverse group of Boston-area playwrights who share a commitment to the cooperative development of quality theater.


The StoryFoundry was started in hopes of giving playwrights a place to list their works and start a community. Our goal is to provide a free home where people who write plays, or others who are looking for new works to present, can come and share ideas and give the opportunity for some of the great works that are being created to see the light of day and hopefully, the footlights of a stage as well. This is place to share ideas, meet new artists and hopefully give some very deserving people the exposure that they need to get their scripts seen and produced.